Bible Text: John 15:9-13
Memory Verse: “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now, remain in my love” John 15:9, NIV
Someone once remarked: “The greatest book in the world on love is the Bible and the greatest, most heart-warming truth in the Bible is the truth of the love of God.” It is this same virtue of love that motivated God to send His son Jesus Christ to die for the sin of the world. The Bible says: God is love (1 John 4:8). If anyone claims to belong to God and does not love, such claim is questionable and such person does not know God.
This is what Jesus underscores in today’s text, that believers’ lifestyle must be rooted in God’s love, and they should demonstrate the same kind of love to all. God’s love is sacrificial in nature; it’s not selfish nor self-centered. This is the kind of love Jonathan demonstrated to David (1 Samuel 20:17).
For this kind of love to be entrenched in your life, you must make a daily commitment to obeying God’s command. Is your life marked by God’s kind of love? In what way are you sacrificing for others? Think about how you can show people around you the love of God today. Take a concrete step that will make you reveal Jesus to your world through an act of genuine love.
Insight: God’s love is sacrificial in nature.
Prayer: Lord, let your love flood my heart by the power of Your Spirit.
RBT Passage: Numbers 11-13


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