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Davido Excludes Chioma From The Sophia and Amanda Family Vacation In Ghana

Nigerian singer, Davido and his baby mamas, Sophia, Amanda, and Chioma are trending on Instagram and Twitter.

The family found themselves on the trend tables after Sophia shared a video of them having fun in Ghana. In the video, Davido was happily pouring vodka for Sophia and Amanda, as their children played in the other room.

According to Davido’s second baby mama, Amanda, Davido is trying to get them drunk. She revealed that they downed two bottles of vodka in less than 2 mins.

While their problem with alcohol should be a thing of major concern, social media users are more concerned about the fact that Chioma wasn’t invited again.

Recall in 2020 we got to know that Davido and his baby mama (Sophia) vacationed in Ghana following Sophia’s threats to reveal the dirt that went down between them after Davido shared he only assisted her a lift to Ghana.

This year, Davido is on another family vacation in Ghana and his fiancee Chioma is nowhere to be found.



Many are dropping comments that Davido didn’t invite her again because of their silent break up.



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